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About Kate

I'm Kate, the CEO of Glendon Coaching, LLC. I work in the Public Health arena and am a Certified Professional Coach and Mindset Coach.

My primary mission is to assist women in conquering their fears and uncertainties so they can lead more confident lives and achieve their personal and professional goals.

One area that I focus on is empowering women and helping them boost their self-worth and self-confidence. It's all about empowering and guiding them towards reaching their full potential.

I genuinely believe in helping individuals live their lives to the fullest with unwavering confidence!

Professionals Certifications

  • Certified Mindset Coach 2022

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) (2022)

  • Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) (2016–present)

  •  Certified Health Educator Specialist (CHES) (2007–present)

  • SCSU -Master of Public Health (2013)

Green Garden
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