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About Kate

I am a public health professional and a Best Ever You certified life coach, with over 15 years of experience in leading and managing various health promotion and prevention programs that enhance the well-being of the community. I have a Master of Public Health degree and certifications as a Prevention Specialist and a Health Education Specialist, which demonstrate my expertise and commitment to the field of public health.

My Story

I am also passionate about helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals, as a certified professional life coach and a certified mindset coach. I use my health education and communication skills to teach, mentor, and empower my clients to adopt positive habits, overcome challenges, and improve their quality of life. I offer coaching services through my website where I share my insights, tips, and resources on topics such as self-care, productivity, and resilience.

My passions include going to the beach, being with friends and family, and having fun! I've been a lifelong learner and have an advanced degree in Public Health.

My journey into becoming a life coach times when I've faced challenges with wellness and less powerful and confident to the point where I even lost my voice. Finding Best Ever You and working with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino turned that around. She helped me overcome many limiting beliefs and find my purpose in life was to help other women overcome the same issues I went through. 

Contact Me

I'm always here to talk!

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