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Today I come home to a surprisingly fresh, locally baked berry pie! Yum Right?

I should be so lucky. However, I instantly got upset. Didn't my friend know I was back to dieting after the holiday and vacation?

It took me a good five minutes to calm down, to tell myself it is; I should be so lucky to have friends who drop by to bring me pie.

Pie is a trigger for me, and any dessert; I love dessert. I used not to be able to manage my dessert consumption and could not just have one bit. I remind myself weekly and sometimes daily that I am in control, not the dessert. The pie is not the enemy; the pie is neutral. It is our/my perspective that it was not.

After feeling like a fool for getting upset over pie, I realized my paradigm and fear of food setting in from years of a poor relationship with food was old.

So I looked at the pie again and reframed my comments, "Wow, that looks excellent, and I am so grateful," I will have friends over or send the pie to work for my staff.

I had four choices: share the pie with friends, avoid it, taste it, or eat most of it.


Our mindset and habits become so strong. What is important to us? What is our goal? Can we enjoy a balance instead of all or nothing? YES, that is called moderation and a healthy lifestyle. So I took one bite and moved on because the first bite is always the best,

and you never remember the last.

So my friends, give yourself grace as you get back on track. It is just pie; they sell it all year long.

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