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We tend to say "yes" to everything....

The act of self-care is the most genuine expression of self-love. Self-care is taking actions to maintain or preserve one's physical and mental health. However, in our daily lives, we often get too busy or caught up in the chaos around us, ignoring our needs. We tend to say "yes" to everything, neglecting our desires and later paying the price with headaches, stress, anxiety, and a lack of focus on important tasks, such as finishing work or doing laundry.

It's time to change this pattern. Let's focus on putting self-care first and finding balance in our lives. Taking care of ourselves doesn't mean we're selfish or neglecting others. In fact, when we prioritize our well-being, we become more confident, compassionate, and resilient, which can positively impact our relationships with others.

The Sacrificing Self Paradox is a common phenomenon where we sacrifice our needs and desires to benefit those around us, thinking it will make us happy. However, this often leads to feeling overwhelmed and drained and can even make us lose touch with our inner love and self-acceptance. We end up focusing on who we think we should be instead of who we are.

To avoid this, we must redirect our focus to ourselves and identify what we want, like and how to achieve our goals. Our inner light shines brighter when we do this, boosting our confidence and assurance. We become more decisive in our choices and have a more straightforward path ahead of us.

Remember, neglecting self-care can have a negative impact on all aspects of our lives, making everything feel dull and out of balance. It's essential to take care of ourselves, not just as a luxury but as a necessity. Caring for ourselves makes us feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

As my mentors have taught me, "Peace begins with me." So, remember this phrase and say it often to ourselves when we feel lost or out of place. This phrase helped me the most when I was out of alignment with who I wanted to be because I was so lost in the outward validation path that my life felt in total chaos. Everything came crashing down, including relationships, opportunities, events, and meetings. This is when I knew that I did not love myself. I needed a break to find a new routine that prioritized myself first.

So, in 2021, I began decluttering those who did not fit into my life anymore and saying NO to more situations. I created a routine of coffee, meditation, reading, and walking. Developing a daily self-care discipline and staying consistent helped increase my life's positivity.

Additionally, this helped me shift my focus towards abundance rather than the fear of making mistakes. Instead of obsessing over accomplishing everything and being the absolute best, I started appreciating what I already had and cultivating peace.

What we focus on truly creates more of what we see and attract. So stop overachieving, pleasing others, and forgetting about your needs, and focus on what you want!

Write it down and envision it daily! I love notecard reminders for this and vision boards!

As always, reach out for more ideas of self-love and confidence!


Confidence Coach

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