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You tend to say "yes" to everything....

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The act of taking care of yourself is the most genuine way of showing self-love. Self-care involves actions that help maintain your physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, in our daily lives, we often get too busy or caught up in the chaos around us, neglecting our own needs. Sometimes, we find it hard to say "no" to everything, which results in headache, stress, anxiety, and a lack of focus on important tasks, like completing work or doing laundry.

Have you heard of the The Sacrificing Self Paradox is a common phenomenon where you sacrifice our own needs and desires for the sake of those around you , hoping it will make us happy. However, this often leaves you feeling overwhelmed and depleted, causing you to lose touch with self-love and self-acceptance.

You end up focusing on who you think you should be, rather than embracing who you truly are.

It's time to change this pattern, redirect your focus on yourself and identify what you want, like, and how to achieve your goals.

When you do this, your inner light shines brighter. It boosts your confidence and certainty, making your path ahead clearer and more straightforward.

Let's prioritize self-care and seek balance in our lives.

Taking care of yourselves doesn't mean you're being selfish or neglecting others. In fact, when you prioritize your own well-being, it boosts your confidence, kindness, and resilience, which in turn positively affects our relationships with others.

As my mentors have taught me, "Peace begins with me." So, remember this phrase and repeat it to yourself whenever you feel lost or out of place. This phrase helped me the most when I was not aligned with the person I wanted to be. I had become so focused on seeking validation externally that my life felt chaotic. Everything started falling apart, including relationships, opportunities, events, and meetings. It was then that I realized I didn't love myself. I needed to take a step back and establish a new routine that prioritized my own well-being.

Therefore, in 2021, I began decluttering people who no longer fit into my life and started saying "no" to more situations. I established a routine that included having coffee, practicing meditation, reading, and taking walks. Developing a daily habit of self-care and maintaining consistency helped me increase positivity in my life.

Additionally, this shift in focus allowed me to embrace abundance rather than fear making mistakes. Instead of obsessing over accomplishing everything and being the best at everything. I learned to value and be content with what I already had, and I focused on finding inner peace.

Remember that your focus shapes what you observe and draw into your life. Instead of overexerting yourself to satisfy others and disregarding your own needs, concentrate on what genuinely matters to you. Take a moment to write it down and envision it every day. Personally, I find note cards and vision boards to be effective reminders for this purpose.

Self-care is really important, and I wanted to share one more thing about it! When we neglect self-care, it can have a negative impact on different aspects of our lives. It can leave us feeling unfulfilled and out of balance. That's why it's crucial to prioritize taking care of ourselves.

Self-care isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a basic necessity. By taking care of yourself, you can boost your happiness, improve your health, and find a greater sense of fulfillment. So make sure to prioritize some self-care time for yourself!


Confidence Coach


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