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A quick guide to better wellness!

A quick guide to better wellness!

Try setting a small goal for yourself in any of these Core Four pillars for healthy living:

-Healthy eating -Hydration -Physical activity -Improving sleep and lowering stress

Some ideas to get you started:

*Are there days you spend lots of time sitting?

  • Take 1–2 minutes every hour to do some stretches.

Move more - Aim for 150 minutes a week.

* Eat something nutritious for breakfast (it doesn’t have to be anything big) at least 3 times each week, then work your way to everyday.

  1. Aim for adding more fruits and veggies into each meal, so that half your plate is filled with them.

*Park a few spaces farther away from your destinations. It truly does increase your daily step count.

*Once a day—or more! —respond to your inner self-critic with your inner cheerleader. You can do it! Turn your inner critic into your inner council. Distinguish the facts from the thoughts…. Write down three things you did well today.

*Journal out all your fears and thoughts and re-frame them into positive ideas or thoughts.

*Give yourself 5 guilt-free minutes every day to close your eyes and do nothing.

*Turn away from your computer, phone, or other devices an hour earlier than usual before bedtime.

*Replace 1 caffeinated drink with 1 glass of water of equal size.

Want to get your health under control but not sure where to start? Schedule a complimentary clarity call with me today to discover how you can get started!


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