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Where Does Your Happiness Come From?

Updated: Feb 8

Where Does Your Happiness Come From?

Have you ever thought about where your source of happiness comes from?

So many of us are searching for happiness, especially in uncertain and unstable times. Still, we often search for happiness in anything and everything outside of ourselves, and the joy we find doesn’t last.

We often look for happiness in the most superficial places, such as a vacation, a night out with friends, shopping, or even food or alcohol.

We also easily fall into the trap of finding happiness only on the weekends or on a trip where we’re free from our daily grind and routine.

The truth is, those moments of happiness are fleeting; once they’re over, we usually feel depleted and stressed again. We become addicted to living for the weekend and return to those external, temporary sources of happiness repeatedly.

Those things aren’t bad in and of themselves (unless you’re turning to unhealthy sources). There’s nothing wrong with taking trips, celebrating, or looking forward to the weekend. It’s important to schedule those things into our lives.

The trouble occurs when we rely solely on those outside sources for joy and fulfillment rather than finding it within ourselves.

True happiness comes from within.

However, when we don’t find that happiness within ourselves, we become codependent on the next best thing or look for the next best shiny object. We look everywhere else other than ourselves.

To find true happiness, lasting happiness, we first need to care for ourselves, love ourselves, and discover who we are and what we want.

Go in to find out what you need.

To learn how to go inwards to find your happiness and to develop self-love, sign up for a free consultation at now!

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